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What We Do

We are a creative digital agency that seeks to build strong contemporary brands that stand out in today’s consumer-centric ever-changing business environment. In I LIKE ART we develop brand strategies based on a thorough analysis and personal approach. After that, we bring to life the overall brand concepts, create brand design, key visual, design your websites, and provide a wide range of other services you can read about in more detail below.

Our Process

Deep branding-wise knowledge and years of experience - all mixed up gives us I LIKE ART Branding Process™. We know what we are doing, but we also know why and how we will do it. There is nothing left to chance, once we take matters in our hands you can be reassured - now everything will be more than OK.

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A deep-dive into your brand allows us to totally immerse in it. Tailored research leads to a deeper understanding of both the surroundings in which your brands live and the brand's recipients. We go back and forth in time, trying to see what was, is and will be best for your brand. Asking questions, digging in and following the leads is what drives this step. And we take you on this journey, too - at the end, no one knows your brand better than you.

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Creation of a one-to-remember visual identity is our goal. We reach it by creating plans on "How to". Then, we re-think those plans, take a look at them from another perspective, re-create them, finally, we try every plan in every possible situation. After a while, a strategy is born that shows us the way and becomes our beacon of light, our guide. The strategy answers the question of how the brand should be built, shape and shared. It is simply a plan for how your brand will succeed.

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Ideas, essences, inspirations, concepts. We take them, shake them up, carefully preselect and put them back together. Afterward, we invite you for the fittings, so we can show you how your brand-to-be should be dressed up. The presentation is open for remarks and reflections: you make sure that the brand fits you, we ensure it will also fit its targeted recipients, as the strategy told us to.

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Key Visual

The core of your brand's image. This is the design process where your brand's typography, color scheme, pattern are mixed together with the I LIKE ART factor. In return, the Key Visual emerges to lead us through every other branding element we will desire to use.

Other steps:

Brand Design

With the strategy as our guidelines, we choose the right elements for your brand's visual identity and wrap them up in the Key Visual. Then, we stop for a while to contemplate - as the effect is usually stunning. Each feature and item gains the remarkable identity that from now on everyone will associate with your brand. Your brand's experience is ready to be shared.

Other steps:


The designs are only a part of the final effect. A website needs to be developed, business cards and folders have to be printed out and the commercial video needs to be made.
We watch over the implementation process to be sure that the real outcomes will be exactly as they should be. Yours, ours and your brand's recipients satisfaction will be guaranteed.

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Our partners

As they say, it takes two to tango. A huge part of our success takes the partnership with amazing brands that were - or still are - our clients. We do not favor the most any industry hence we can proudly say that we work with everyone: from a single-person company to a corporation; fashion, real estate, hotel, eCommerce or even magic industries have no secrets from us. We are amazingly happy - and lucky - to have so many fantastic partners!

Ongoing partnership with I LIKE ART proves on and on to be a perfect fit for us. The team instantly knows how to translate our business needs into the graphic language!
Witold – Peira Development President of the Board
Professional yet hiper-creative - what a combo! Thank you team for the great work.
Isabelle – Janbor Owner
Many thanks for the superb project - everything was on track and the effects went beyond our expectations!
Margaret – fdirect Marketing Manager