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Piestrzeniewicz production video close-up

Illusions of Filip Piestrzeniewicz

Brand identity, print materials, web development & design, film & photo production - it was a truly magical project for us!

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Filip is no stranger to the art of magic and illusion as his father is one of the most recognized personas in their field and successful winner of numerous magic contests around Europe. His son started with his first performance at the age of 12 and has more than 800 shows behind him today. But for Filip magic is definitely more than just a job. It is a lifestyle, a unique possibility to express himself and share his unique vision of the world with all the people who are ready to listen. We only hope that after partnering with us, even more, magic-enthusiasts around Europe will be mesmerized by his spells.


  • Branding
  • Nameing
  • Print materials
  • UI/UX
  • Web Design
  • Film production
  • Photography
Piestrzeniewicz production video close-up


Working with artists can often be challenging. It is not always possible to put their grand vision into an effective strategy that will not only be visually pleasing but will also turn out to be sufficient enough to bring their business to success. The main requirement for developing the brand identity for Filip was to find the balance between his personality and his craft and to communicate them in a way that will be familiar to the people he performs for. 

The visual identity is based on dark colors and silver smoke – the essential elements of all performances which immediately connote mystery and magic. 

Graphic Design 

There are several graphic elements central to Filip brand’s visual identity. They include the main logo and some of the supportive icons that can be repeatedly seen on his website.

The logo is quite simple, as the art itself is complex enough. However, it also perfectly reflects the person, the service, and the mood behind the brand. We settled for a simple wand to represent the world of magic where Filip invites each member of his audience. The simple rays of light coming from the want brighten up the name of the performer and signify the positivity and interactivity of the events he organizes.

As for the icons, they truly come in all shapes and sizes. Created as a mere addition to the overall visual identity of the brand, the icons can effectively exist on their own and still be closely associated with Filip and his art of illusion. Each of the symbols represents a certain aspect of the magician’s working process and all are connected in terms of the key visual – the hypnotized eye. The icons are meant to be mysterious and esoteric, as illusionists strictly guard their secrets and their craft is full of unanswered questions. At the same time, four out of five items feature open hands, serving as an invitation to join Filip on his journey to the world of magic.

Additional Materials

Another significant amount of work was dedicated to providing Filip with a variety of print branding materials that would enhance his brand communication. Similar to the majority of our other projects we helped Filip with roll-ups for the fairs, firm paper for the proposals and contracts, as well as a catalog of his performances. But the key element we are really proud of is the concept for inflammable business cards. Now Filip has a chance to enchant his audience literally from the first introduction!

Filip Piestrzeniewicz Iluzjonista personal brand logo
Filip Piestrzeniewicz icons graphic design
Filip Piestrzeniewicz business cards

Film & Photography Production

After deciding on the general concept for Filip’s new brand identity we ran a series of photoshoots and even filmed a short promotional video. It was an engaging yet challenging process due to the high number of magic tricks he wanted to include in the promo and technicalities connected to the filming process. In fact, film production was so demanding we even made a separate post for it where we explain all the nuances with capturing magic tricks on camera – feel free to read it in our blog 🙂  

Photography also required a lot of skill and dedication, but in the end, it all was totally worth it as the final result exceeded all our expectations. The pictures used in the catalog and on the website serve as an integral part of the entire brand we created and allow people to get a general understanding of the magician and his craft before meeting him in person. 

Piestrzeniewicz production video camera
Piestrzeniewicz production video
Piestrzeniewicz production video suitcase
Piestrzeniewicz production video camera
Piestrzeniewicz production video hat trick
Piestrzeniewicz production video smoke on the background

Web Development & Web Design

Although Filip had already had a website, we agreed that it will be better to create a brand new one, which will complete the new identity we developed and match the newly discovered persona we built. By adding simple animation to some of the pictures we managed the page to look not only mysterious but also inviting and slightly closer to the user. 

What it comes to UX & UI, the website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. We wanted to highlight the fact that it’s pretty much a one-man show and that Filip Piestrzeniewicz is not only the artist behind the brand – he is the brand. Which is why he himself is present in the background of the pages at all times. One way or another. 

The website itself is the business card, portfolio, and the medium for the illusionist to present himself in the most sincere yet professional way. If spending 2 minutes scrolling through the fog spreading around your screen and reading about Filip’s latest achievements in the world of magic & illusion doesn’t appeal to the inner child waiting for the magic trick to amaze them – we don’t know what will. 

Filip Piestrzeniewicz web development
Filip Piestrzeniewicz Magic show
Filip Piestrzeniewicz repertuar
Filip Piestrzeniewicz website


Working with Filip has been very useful for us as a company, as he alone provided us a trifold challenge as we had to create the identity that will perfectly match the artist, his personal brand and the small business behind it. More importantly, unlike most of our projects, here we had a chance to fully set our inner artists free and not to settle for simple minimalism. Instead, everything had to be like a good performance – inviting and thrilling, yet also intriguing enough to make the people who come across it excited about seeing all of it live. 

Moreover, we had a unique opportunity to see how the technique behind the magic tricks really works and we won’t be as easily fooled anymore!

Piestrzeniewicz production video suitcase