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Central Park Apartments

Real Estate Branding

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A well known and recognized developer, Tree Development Group, has asked us to support them with creating the visual identity of their new investment: Central Park Apartments in Lodz, central Poland. The centrally located complex needed unconventional visuals, based on a positive branding strategy.


  • Branding
  • Key Visual
  • Prints
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Film production
  • Photography


We have decided to emphasize the name “Central Park Apartments”, which is positive pick-up. Adding a subtle graphic had allowed the logo to function on various elements.


With the complex branding process, we designed all the necessary graphic elements and marketing materials, in line with the positive brand strategy. The goal was to make the brand, and hence and its apartments, closely associate with modernity, prestige, and uniqueness. Apart from the typical branding features, we have created an advertising video.


We have focused the most on showing how the project interacts with its surroundings, as well as revealing Central Park Apartments’ identity to the audience. The video material itself was created with time-lapse and stop-motion techniques, with some of the shots also taken by a drone.

UX/UI, Web Design and Web Development

The website’s design was well thought-out, so every potential new customer would not only easily find all important information, but also could already imagine how their future home will feel and look like.