The new website is here! – Blog I LIKE ART

The new website is here!

Out with the old and in with the new - we have just launched our spic-and-span website.

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Finally, it's here! We are truly ecstatic that we can at last share with you our newly designed website.

This project has been close to our hearts, as our online presence has been refreshed over 2 years ago! We have thus decided it was about time the website well deserved a brand-new look & feel. In addition to a refreshed design, we have introduced a few new features - in fact, you are just experiencing one of them!

New subpage: Journal

Our “Journal” is a place where we will share our experiences, knowledge and good practices & tips. You’ll find here posts with the latest news regarding our Studio and Team, as well as articles on overall design and branding.


What happens, when you put together all your best projects? A showreel happens. And this is exactly what we have done, so you would be able to see our all best works in one place.

Let's meet

Our Bat-Cave and sanctuary – the studio. A place filled with only positive vibes and creative energy. Here we work (Mon – Fir), cook (if so – then surely on a Friday), play games (CS Tuesdays!) and meet with our clients. And if you cannot come to us in person, then make sure you’ll at least take an online look!