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Selected AWWWARDS Nominations

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At the beginning of the month, San-Francisco held another edition of the AWWWARDS conference, which means it’s about time we cover some of the newest, the juciest, and the most relevant to branding news from there!

But first - you have heard about AWWWARDS, right?
If you have - feel free to skip the next part and jump straight to the point. If you’re quite new to the world of digital development - the next section is your 101.

How It Works

Strictly speaking, AWWWARDS recognizes achievements in web development and design.  The event was born in 2009 in Spain and is ever since held annually all around the world. Giant-companies such as Google, Mercedes-Benz, Warner Brothers, Volkswagen, and Uber are all considered the honorable winners of the awards in one (or several) of the 6 possible nominations. 

The beauty of the AWWWARDS is that the creators fully recognize the challenges of the digital world and try to address them accordingly. That’s why instead of waiting for one particular ceremony dedicated to all the awards (much like the Oscar’s), here web developers and designers get nearly instant feedback in nominations like “Sites of the day” and “Sites of the month”. Other nominations are Sites of the Year, Developer, Mobile Excellence and Honorable Mention (yet we’re going to let the latter two be for now). All evaluation is based on the voting system centered around the four major criteria: usability, creativity, content, and design (40% out of total count).

We are not here to say that some are better than others because in I LIKE ART we believe that every achievement deserves to be praised. So instead we’re going to share with you the winners we personally find the most impressive. And you can decide if you want to use it for inspiration, procrastination, or just for the simple fun of learning something new about the latest trends in the world’s most demanding industry.

Sites of the Day AWWWARDS

This award has the highest number of contestants, which makes it much harder to settle down with just one favorite. That’s why we decided to narrow it down a little. From the winners of this week (May 10-17, 2019), our number-one choice is Finding Ctrl by Toyfight. It is a digital collection of essays, interviews, and documents which analyze the past and forecast the future of the Internet. AWWWARDS selected the site for its functionality, design, creativity, and content, so we have no doubt it is a very complex yet very beautiful digital platform.

However, we also mention it here to highlight that any sort of digital experience deserves to win, not only commercial or complicated scientific projects. In fact, the weirder the better sometimes (probably that’s why the winner from May 10 is the supernatural research base). As long as your website is creative, informative and easy to navigate you stand a great chance at being recognized with AWWWARDS!


Sites of the Month AWWWARDS

Here the choice is much more limited (wait until we reach the annual winners), but the candidates are more advanced. The most exciting project from 2019 (so far) is probably the Nomadic Tribe – the digital experience created by MakeMePulse to celebrate the beginning of the year. It can be treated as a particularly engaging way of promoting the interactive production company or as a yet another tool for procrastination, but one thing is for sure – Nomadic Tribe is beautiful, calming, and incredibly inspirational. It is also a living proof that creativity and technology have limitless possibilities together and that is something we try to reflect in our works as well.


Sites of the Year AWWWARDS

Now, it is probably noteworthy that you have a chance to become AWWWARDS’ Site of the Year once every season, which is why there are 4 features annually. The most outstanding example of 2018 winners (for us) is Orano – a French company that specializes in the nuclear industry and that made their website look like a real-life sci-fi. They have developed detailed prototypes of the machinery they rely on, provided a full 3-D model of their working process, and even included a smart mini-game where you get to control a research drone. Science is becoming popular again and we couldn’t be happier!

P.S. Another candidate would be the company that created the digital Hogwarts model for Pottermore, but, unfortunately, their own platform is less impressive than the projects they develop upon request.


Developers AWWWARDS

This one was particularly hard because all the webpages featured here stand out with both design and functionality and they come from so many categories it seems impossible to settle for something one. But, we’re here for you and we did just that. So, our favorite winner of the Developers AWWWARDS is Seeker – a project by Accor Hotels which analyzes your current mood through a series of visual preferences and suggests a perfect vacation destination according to it. It is very intuitive, minimalistic, and fast, which makes it a pleasure to use and – to be honest – who doesn’t want to be distracted from the office routine by a little daydreaming about traveling?


The Possibilities are Truly Limitless!

We hope you enjoyed this little overview of some of the best web-development projects from the AWWWARDS first part of 2019. You can see all of them on the original website, of course, and choose your own favorites. We tried to select the works that differ from one another as much as possible, and yet, each of them is unique and exciting in its own way. As you can see, nuclear science, the Internet, traveling, and AI actually have a lot in common! The message is very simple – there is always a way to change the ordinary perception of things, don’t be afraid to become the one who changes the game.

We hope this little post provided you with enough motivation and inspiration for the day! Now, dedicate some time to see for yourself what each of the featured links has to offer and go do something great! And if you’re not particularly good at coding – worry not! I LIKE ART web-development and design team is here to make your wildest ideas a new reality!