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Power of design – why a brand’s visual identity is so important?

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Imagine you’re in a hospital waiting room and a surgeon, dressed in a stained surgical apron, is approaching you. Would you trust him or her to perform surgery on your loved one?

We bet that your answer is: No! 

Deciding whether you like something takes less than a second. Sure, you can grow to be fond of something or someone, but the first impression you have will always be very difficult to shake off.

These kinds of decisions are made in a blink of an eye, sometimes even without you consciously knowing what has just happened. There is a cruel but simple rule: if something or someone is not visually attractive at first sight, it automatically has a greater than 50% chance of not being chosen or trusted.

This rule applies to your brand as well. But don’t panic – knowing this and acting on this can be used to your advantage!

Your brand’s visual identity: The Magic of Details

Do you know how big of an impact the colors used in your logo, or website, business cards etc, have on your customers? Or the impact of that “carefully” selected typography?

Answer:  a huge impact.

These often undervalued details have the power to influence your client’s impressions when they first come into contact with your brand. It’s obvious that this impression should be positive, especially if it’s so difficult to shake off that first impression. 

A coherent, well thought-out, detail-oriented and ‘market research based’ visual identity will not only make your company look professional and trustworthy, but it can generate a network of loyal customers that should constantly grow.

Surely having more customers from year to year ranks highly as a goal for most companies, and the right visual identity can significantly boost the chances of this!

Professional design: A Way to Stand Out

Imagine asking someone – “Hey, do you know XYZ company” and all you get is “Nah, I’ve never heard of them”. This is not what you are hoping for, and unless you’re just starting out, you really shouldn’t be expecting this if you’ve worked on your brand properly.

Then imagine being mistaken for a competitor. Basically, you are admitting to lacking imagination, you are not unique, you are not standing out, and what’s worse, you could be inadvertently helping your competition.

We hope this doesn’t happen to you, and there are ways to avoid this by creating your visual identity in line with the modern design principles.

This will make sure your brand stands out and your customers will be more likely to use YOUR products/services because they remember YOUR brand through colors or typography, and the feeling you gave them when they first saw it. The feeling was one of professionalism and trust. They would be much less likely to use someone else’s product/services then, right? 

Building precise and positive associations

We have already mentioned that a coherent visual identity can really reinforce that positive impact on your customers. However, it’s also important that those associations are not random, and are tailored to give the same messages, creating a powerful effect each time. The vast majority of information we learn comes through our sight, and we make a huge amount of split-second decisions every day, so why risk it being a negative one when they first see your brand. The visual identity’s role to create the right connection between the brand and its customer, and make one that will last far longer than that split second encounter. 

We know how to use the power of design in the name of good – your good, of course 🙂 So let’s see what your impression is!

Let’s start!