Piotr Marciniak in Jury of RE:PL 2019 Contest – I LIKE ART

Piotr Marciniak in Jury of RE:PL 2019 Contest

Our Art Director as a Jury for the biggest Polish re-branding contest!

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RE:PL 2019 Contest is an annual event organized by Branding Monitor. The idea is simple: it is a search for the best rebranding project in Poland, designed and developed in the previous year.

Piotr, our Art Director, will be a part of the Jury who will judge hundreds of submitted projects. As unfortunately, we could not apply in the contest, as all our rebranding projects are still ongoing or where started in 2017, we are happy that we can contribute to the contest anyway :).
We also believe that Piotrek will act as a just Judge for all the great projects that will be submitted and we cannot wait to see the winner!