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New website and Photoshoot for Janbor

It’s not all about the looks - but a great deal of it still is. What brings fashion and web-development together?

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What is the first thing that catches your attention while browsing the web? What makes some websites stand out from the others? The fashion industry is one of the most competitive fields out there so our partner definitely knows how important being distinctive is. Fortunately, we know exactly how to ensure that the visual identity of our partners clearly reflects their professional individuality.

Janbor is the Polish clothing brand established more than 20 years ago and - we are proud to say - one of I LIKE ART’s regular clients. In our collaboration with the brand, the creative team of I LIKE ART tried to reflect the tradition Janbor carries and the modernity it tries to pursue. The particularly demanding and exciting part of our job in creating the extended brand look for the clothing brand was developing the fresh and contemporary lookbook on the updated company's website and carrying out the photoshoot to present Janbor’s new collection for what it really is - light and progressive, just like the brand itself.

Where graphic design stops being development and becomes art

As our name suggests – we are artists before brand-managers, which is why creativity is an essential part of our working process. We, in I LIKE ART, believe that both functionality and visual attractiveness matter when it comes to the brand’s online representation. That’s why while working on web development and graphic design I LIKE ART team pays equal attention to how the webpage looks and how it feels for the user. Functionality and design go hand in hand as two main values our company tries to reflect in its collaborations with other brands because we know that first impressions are important, yet there has to be something more to persuade people to come back to you.

“More” doesn’t always mean “Better”

Sometimes, the shortest narratives are the most powerful ones. Ernest Hemingway created one of the saddest stories ever written with only 6 words. In most of the cases clutter only distracts people from the real deal, while the main message could be communicated in a way simpler and more effective way.

In the case with Janbor, it is reflected in the visual simplicity and intuitive interface of the new lookbook we created for their upcoming Spring-Summer collection. Replacing the multi-grid images of the same clothes with easily animated slides allows the customers to almost instantly discover what a given piece of clothing looks like from different perspectives and in different colors. It saves their time and Janbor’s web space facilitating the shopping process for both sides.

A picture is worth a thousand words

That’s why our web-designers tried to maximize the true (window) shopping experience for Janbor’s customers and to replace the unnecessary text with effective visuals instead. Don’t worry, all the crucial info and product description is still there, except for now it only appears once the person seriously considers buying a particular piece of clothing. Just like in the real shop.

Both sides of the spotlight matter

Behind every professional picture, there are hours of hard work and a bunch of people who made it all possible. While carrying out the photoshoot for Janbor’s new collection, we made sure that all the small details are taken into consideration. Powder-nacre background immediately reminds of the warms of the Spring afternoons and Summer nights, casual makeup draws attention to the clothes instead of the model’s face, and the carefully-installed light skillfully imitates the sun to present the clothes in its best.

We couldn’t be more proud of our professional photography team for making all of that possible. We wanted to make sure that the refreshed visual identity I LIKE ART created for Janbor is reflected in the presentation of the brand’s new models. That makes photoshoots one of the most significant parts of our cooperation with Janbor. After all, photos are now the most important element of the company’s website!

Continuous development

One of the gravest mistakes a brand can make is to stop growing. While something may be most up-to-date and modern today, the entire situation may change in a glimpse of an eye, which is why it is so important for all the industries out there to pay careful attention to what the new day may bring. We are always happy to refresh and revitalize the brands that rely on our help. Even more so we enjoy creating long-term partnerships, such as our continuous collaboration with Janbor. As in such a way we can guarantee the most sincere reflection of the brand’s values and most interesting features. Because where business relationship becomes a mutually-supported friendship the best results grow. And that is where branding truly becomes art!