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A room where the floor and the walls are covered with colorful geometric shapes with the lighting creating the impression that it is even more geometrically chaotic

World Design Weeks – Lodz Design Festival

And our role in supporting the development of our local community

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Design is that one thing that makes you prefer certain things over all the other. It is that special extra secret ingredient that makes some people and companies stand out among the thousands of all others.

And when it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter if we talk about cars, arts & crafts, clothes, or the latest VR game - design is in everything around us. And now is time to see the best the new generation of Eastern European creators has to offer!

Design also is one of our major areas of expertise. So, naturally, we couldn’t ignore the upcoming largest design event in Eastern Europe. Fortunately, Lodz Design Festival (LDF) takes place in I LIKE ART’s home base so there’s no excuse for us not to share this festival with you.

What is LDF?

Lodz Design Festival was founded in 2007 and 13 years in a row its main goal is to support and promote young artists from Poland and other Eastern-European countries. It is a great opportunity for the artists to show off their creations, receive criticism, and get inspired by the professionals in their spheres. Also, it is a meeting place for a bunch of people from different cultural and professional backgrounds but with the same passion – design. 

When? It is an annual venue that in 2019 will be held throughout 17-26 of May.

What’s on? The topic of 2019’s edition of LDF perfectly reflects what our creative team of I LIKE ART believes themselves: design exists in order to address people’s needs and facilitate their everyday activities. Which is why in 2019 LDF goes under the motto of Good Life. 

The creators determine the main goal of design as

Responding to real people’s needs and helping in everyday activities

And we couldn’t agree more! After all, commodity is one of the 7 main human values. So no wonder that Good Life = Good Design.

Why LDF matters even if you are not from Poland

Now, if you’re from nowhere near Poland at this point you are probably wondering what’s in all of this for you. Well, first of all, you can see it as a great travel opportunity. Why coming to Poland and – more specifically – to Lodz? It’s pretty simple, really – Eastern Europe is much cheaper compared to the rest of the EU, yet our designers are just as good. Perhaps, even more so. And secondly, it is a great opportunity to see first-hand the newest trends in the development of contemporary design for the upcoming seasons.

Get Inspired

Whether it is a product, logotype, website, or print design – creativity is the most important ingredient. It is the core of any design-based product. And creativity wouldn’t exist without inspiration. We are not talking about good-old plagiarism, no. Quite on the contrary!

The interdisciplinarity of design is another feature that makes it so special. Have you ever heard how the world’s most renowned chefs get inspired by music or paintings? Well, it is not limited to cuisine. The designs exhibited during the previous editions of the festival are not limited to any category and exist both independently as well as a part of a bigger industry (e.g. home decor).

We try to keep our minds open, so if it is the special kind of a chair that you find inspiring for the website layout – so be it! Just try it out and you will be surprised with all the unexpected sources of inspiration you may find among other forms of design!

Connect with the like-minded

Last year LDF attended 35 thousand visitors and this year even more participants are expected. The venue holds exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and meetings on various design related topics, so we and the organizers are sure that you will find someone who would share your passions. Eventually, you may end up with a few useful work contacts or – who knows – a long-term friendship.

And if you don’t feel like coming all the way to Poland just for a short event – fear not! LDF digital team puts a lot of effort into developing its website and keeping all the important details in there. We in I Like Art plan to keep our followers updated as well, so it’s about time you joined us on our Instagram and Facebook! If you were wondering about the right time to hit that “follow” button – it’s now! This way you definitely won’t miss any other important news from the world of branding and design and – fingers crossed – the live broadcast from the center of the events!

We’re sure that by the end of the festival you will be able to get to know (if not personally than by names) the potential designers and creators for future cooperation and learn something useful from the workshops. In any case, it should be a week full of aesthetical satisfaction and new intriguing projects! 

Lodz Design Fest & I Like Art

Now, it’s not a promotional text for the festival. But we believe that it is highly important to stay connected with the local community. Which is why we are planning on returning to the origins of our creative agency and provide some free advice to all the young designers out there who decide to attend LDF. Our portfolio review should enable young professionals to present themselves in the best light possible. After all, you now know for sure that for a Good Life you need to reflect functionality and attractiveness and we know how to present that in the most unconventional yet representative way possible!

We hope to see you in May! And whether it will be in person or online depends only on you!