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How much a logo or a website design cost?

And why any investment in a logo/website is a good investment?

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How much exactly one needs to spend on a logo or a website? The answer is simple and complex at the same time - it depends.

Why a logo and website are investment-worth

The explanation lays within the field of psychology, in the „halo effect”. To make the long story short: the „halo effect” states that when our first impression about a person or a thing is a positive one, then we unconsciously consider them as „filled” with good features: wise, helpful, trustworthy, noble, professional etc. We’ll immediately grow fond of them and will like to stay in touch.

When it comes to a logo or website, the halo effects has its power, too. If we can spot at once that those both elements (and let’s be honest here: these days logo & website are our main showcases) are well designed, with attention to every detail, then we will right away consider the whole brand as positive as its displays. At this point, we will have the whole image of the brand built solely on those two elements, hence we will not even expect but know that we will get here the best quality products, the staff will be professional and helpful and all services will be done on 110%.

All of above should already give you the answer why it is important to invest in your logo and website and what merits it will bring.

How much will one gain by cutting costs of a logo?

At first it will be a tangible difference, as you will simply have more money left in your pocket. Although with time you’ll notice that there are less new customers that you have expected, which will surely downsize your revenue. A logo has a much bigger impact on your company than its size.

On the other hand, a logo has no magnetic powers to pull the clients. It is rather an element of your whole visual identity. However, a logo is crucial as it is shown almost everywhere: from a website through a business card to a company’s pen. What’s more, a logo is usually the first thing a client notices. Remember about the „halo effect” – the first impression will impact the overall feeling a customer will have on your brand. There is no turning back afterwards…

In regards to the website: the client opens your website, that was developed with the minimal budget. The results are simple: there are no contact details shown, the shopping cart is double counting the products, it all, together with a rainbow of colors used in 1000 animations are irritating your client. An irritated client is more likely to close your website as he or she knows that there are plenty of other sites more user-friendly, where everything works as it should.

How much have you earned? Well, not much, in fact, nothing.

How a logo can help you earn your client’s trust?

There is more to the story.  A logo is a huge factor in the process of gaining your customer’s trust. It’s also working hard on making your brand recognizable. When the logo is designed amateurs-like, it will look poorly both in print and digital. Let’s imagine a thousand of catalogs, that will work not on your advantage but on the contrary: seeing them will ensure your potential clients that your brand is not really trust-worthy. Why? Simply due to the low quality of your logo, that looks like the first thing downloaded from the web. If a company is advertising itself under such a lousy sign, why anything else in regards to this brand should be different? 

A well thought-out and designed logo can win the clients’ heart at first sight. It is really simple when it comes to thinking about it: if you spend quality time on your features, then it’s highly likely you’ll do the same for the customer.

What’s in the price of a logo/website design?

Despite all, the price for designing a logo or a website does not only includes the time spent by the designer on your project. What you really pay for is the know-how, expertise, and skills of the designers, that have spent countless hours on similar projects – successful ones, let’s add. All of this to ensure your brand will long-term benefit from a well-designed logo/website.

So how much?

We know that it is not the prefect answer, but: it really depends on your individual needs and your budget.

When it comes to a website, we need to consider whether we will use a template or a design a completely new layout and how complex it will be for further development. Tailored solutions are more time-consuming and therefore more costly than those based on themes.

And what about a logo?

A well designed logo, that will still has its „powers” over the years is simply priceless.


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