About us – Branding Agency – I LIKE ART

Let us enhance and define your brand.

We are transforming ideas and plans into the reality. We dress up brands in stunning visual identity that is also effective - we make art collaborate closely with functionality.

What we do

Our goal is to make your brand succeed. Be it a new company/product coming to market, or an existing brand that needs to be freshened up - for us, each case is perfect for us to make our impact. I LIKE ART combines the expertise of your brand with our know-how of branding. Such collaboration is destined to be triumphant.


  • Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Nameing
  • Print materials
  • UI/UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Film production
  • Photography


We all are different: we come from various parts of Poland, we are specialists in different fields, you will not even be able to find two exact same haircuts below. Due to our diversity, there is not a single project out there that will be too hard to bite for us.

Krzysztof Fidler-Wieruszewski

Krzysztof Fidler-Wieruszewski

Junior Graphic Designer

The youngest member of our team, Krszyszek brings joy and color not only to his designs, but also to our office. He has a real knack for graphic design as one of the 2 things he enjoys the most in life is to create something out of nothing, and another is to improve already existing things.

Anna Kvasnevska

Anna Kvasnevska

Marketing Manager

Anna is our content marketer, copywriter, and SMM manager which really makes her responsible for whatever text you may read here. She may have her Postgrad in Marketing, but really Ania is a culture geek, so she’s our go-to when it comes to the latest movies and festivals around the city.

Kamil Kominek

Kamil Kominek

Front-end Developer

As a front-end developer, Kamil knows that as long as you can visualize it - you can make it happen. Nothing is impossible for him, so Kamil prefers working with the most challenging parts of the web development. No matter what he’s cooking - you can be sure it will be tasty! Both in the code and in the kitchen.


Even the great Picasso had to have a place to work - and we are no different to Picasso (we too love animals!).
It's simple: our Studio is a place where the magic happens. Here we brainstorm the ideas, celebrate the successes and plan taking over the world (just kidding, we do this after work).